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Connect with your customers the moment they are searching for you online, and only pay when a visitor clicks your ad. Fully-managed ads, with monthly optimization and detailed reports on campaign performance.


Our simple to understand one-page report, estimates to a high degree of accuracy, what your campaigns will deliver once live on Google. The report enables you to make a more informed decision on whether DMM will deliver on your expectations.

The report is FREE, and takes a few minutes to complete the information we require about your business. No credit card required.

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How Google Works

Google brings a higher return on investment than other media because it allows you to reach customers who are currently in the market for your offering. No other platform connects your business with your target market the moment they are ready to buy, which is why it is our chosen platform.


  • Take the Advertising Feasibility Assessment for a free analysis of your business
  • Select a package and complete your profile
  • Make payment or contact us for assistance
  • Your dedicated account manager will contact you and provide access to your custom client dashboard
  • Complete a short profile about your business for our marketers
  • Within 24 hours, your ads will be on Google & you will start to see leads and sales
  • Receive a detailed monthly report within your dashboard


Google Advertising
The Easiest Way To Grow Your Business


Advertising on Google allows your customers to find your business when they are searching online or browsing other websites. We offer fully-managed Google Ads campaigns, with monthly optimization and detailed reports on campaign performance.

Why Google Ads?

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