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Online Advertising Services


We have access to the complete AdWords package, as well as first access to new AdWords features and dedicated support at Google, allowing us to completely measure and manage every single aspect of your campaign.

Our dedicated team optimises your campaigns by fine-tuning keywords, ads and ad groups to ensure your ROI increases all the time. In fact, on average, our clients enjoy profitable returns within 2 months of joining DMM.

Google Support

We have a dedicated account manager at Google, who provides us with unique insights on how to boost our clients’ campaigns.



Google AdWords is a digital advertising service designed for businesses that want to advertise on the Google network. This form of online advertising gives you a range of targeting options, and gives your business the chance to specify targeting by age, location and even area of interest.

  • The higher you rank, the greater the chance of the consumer clicking through to your website, and ultimately the greater the chance of converting the click into a lead.

  • Google AdWords allow you to reach potential customers whether they’re browsing on their cell phone, tablet or desktop.

  • It allows you to track and optimise your ad throughout its progress.

The position of your ad, as well as the cost per click (CPC), is determined by your rank in the bid. This is calculated with the following formula:

AdRank = Quality Score x Bid

Your quality score is determined by looking at how well an ad group, keyword, and landing page relates to what the person is searching for.

Every time a consumer does a search on Google, an AdWords auction is created automatically. Every advertiser who has a keyword match to the search query competes in the auction.

The higher you rank, the greater the chance of the consumer clicking through to your website and, ultimately, the greater the chance of converting the click to a lead.

The benefits of Google AdWords

  • 90% of all Google searches are for products and services.

  • By linking the AdWords search functions with analytics, you can manage your online advertising more efficiently.

  • Google AdWords charges you per click: you only pay when a customer interacts with your ad. The more you pay the higher the chance of your ad being seen.

  • Ads created with AdWords can convert up to twice as many potential customers as those coming from organic search results.

  • Google AdWords gives you measurable performance for both branding and direct display clients, and increases your business visibility.


We use Facebook Business to perfectly complement any of your online advertising campaigns. Our social media experts ensure that your ads are noticed and constantly optimised for maximum performance.

In addition to our creative ideas and implementation, our agency services also offer performance optimisation services including A/B testing and conversion measurement.


Like Google AdWords, the more you are willing to pay for a Facebook Business ad, the better your chances of getting even greater exposure.

Facebook allows you to make your ad even more attractive to potential customers using photos, carousel advertising, video, slideshows and Canvas ads.

The more you are willing to pay, the better your chances of getting greater exposure. However, Facebook calculates the quality score based on your budget (the entire amount you are willing to spend) and the time-period you want the ad to run in.

With Facebook you can:

  • Reach your audience on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

  • Maximise ad spend by reaching the people that matter to your business.

  • Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty.

  • Measure and manage conversion rates.


6 out of 10 users prefer to watch video clips online, to watching traditional TV. With this statistic, it is clear that YouTube is the marketing tool for the future.

As part of our premium service offering, we use various YouTube analysis tools to measure the performance of your video marketing efforts. This includes monitoring traffic, views, subscribers, shares and audience retention.

We tactically customise your YouTube account to connect you with your customers through high-quality video ads.


Because Google is YouTube’s parent company, your YouTube business account will be directly linked to AdWords, making it easier to advertise on the video-sharing channel.

YouTube only charges you when the viewer clicks through to your site, or watches your entire advert. If neither of those objectives are reached, you won’t pay for the advert.

Watching your business grow in real time

  • Viewers who watched a complete YouTube ad (or at least 30 seconds of it) are 23 times more likely to subscribe to a brand channel.

  • Even viewers who don’t watch the complete ad are still 10 times more likely to act.

  • YouTube’s easy shareability means that your marketing campaigns can reach more people even quicker.


As an end-to-end advertising solution, we use Instagram to drive real business results. We create a unique visual expression of your brand’s identity on Instagram, and provide a strong opportunity for audience engagement with your business.


With Facebook as Instagram’s parent company, you can expect advertising options that can truly maximise your brand’s online presence. Instagram’s unique features include carousel ads, Instagram Live for real time video streaming and Instagram Stories.


We create a dynamic Instagram campaign to ensure you take advantage of the platform’s benefits, which include:

  • Local and international awareness

  • Website conversions

  • Mobile app installs and engagement

  • Reach and frequency

  • Page post engagement

Like Facebook, Instagram gives you the option of choosing your target market identifiers, and will charge you according to the frequency and period you choose to advertise.

Measurable progress

  • Instagram measures each campaign’s success based on metrics, ad recall and awareness, instead of merely likes and shares.

  • There is an average 62% ROI on Instagram adspend among top-spending e-commerce advertisers.

  • Ad recall on Instagram is 2.9 times higher than on any other social media platform.


LinkedIn is a unique social networking platform that takes advertising a step further with a targeting feature that’s designed to be more granular and specific. Our growth-hacking marketers take this to their advantage to grow your customer base from an individual, gender, age, job function, and geographical basis.


LinkedIn’s highly targeted structure makes their Cost Per Click (CPC) a little higher than that of Facebook and Google AdWords. LinkedIn’s conversion rates are however better.

Your business can advertise either on a price per click model (PPC), or on a cost per impression (CPI) model. CPI refers to the number of times your ad is displayed, irrespective of clicks. You can set a daily budget, as well as the maximum amount you want to pay for each ad.

Results that work for you

  • LinkedIn’s lead generation potential is up to 277% higher than Twitter and Facebook.

  • Of the five major social media networks, LinkedIn is the most effective in terms of generating B2B leads due to its fine targeting abilities.

  • LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms make the propensity for conversion via mobile phone even easier.

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