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Social Media Services


We offer fully-managed Facebook pages. Managing a Facebook page is more complicated than you think.

Facebook is a key platform for every business looking to grow its online presence. Emerges your business objectives with engaging content and builds you a loyal fan base that attracts more leads to your business.

In addition to creating a Facebook page for your business, we will create relevant content, advertisements and manage user compliments and complaints.



Interactive and targeted advertising with the right content, you can build your Facebook network and expand visibility by targeting specific markets. In addition to Facebook Advertising, having a Facebook Business profile allows you to connect with customers on a personal level and connect with other businesses.

In addition to Facebook Advertising, having a Facebook Business profile allows you to connect with customers on a personal level, as well as allowing you to share connections with other businesses. You also have use of features such as, messenger, menus and response rates.

Facebook Business makes your marketing efforts a lot more mobile and instant too.

With Facebook, you can:

  • Deliver the right message directly to your target audience by boosting your posts.

  • Tap into purchase behaviour and adjust your campaign as you go along.

  • Get even more strategic with life-event targeting.

  • Use features such as Messenger for Business to personally engage with your customers in real time.


LinkedIn has a database of over 450 million active professionals, and is a key social platform to reach your B2B clients.

With this level of reach, it’s crucial that your brand is appropriately represented, and that your business profile regularly publishes informative and relevant articles.

We manage every aspect of your LinkedIn presence and ensure that you project a lively and progressive image.

Our social media experts will create a business page that builds trust, establishes authority on a global scale and generates leads for your business.


Today’s professionals use LinkedIn as a primary source for ideas, insights and information on brands and people they trust. A LinkedIn Company Page helps others learn more about your business brand, your products and services.

Our social media specialists can build and cultivate relationships on your LinkedIn page, prompting successful connections that lead to revenue.

The strongest link

  • 40% of users visit LinkedIn daily.

  • LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries, making it one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn for business purposes.


With over 500 million subscribers, no marketing campaign is complete without Instagram.

Because storytelling is a vital component of marketing, Instagram allows you to tell a powerful story about your business and to build strong relationships with your customers.

Our social media team will create a standout visual expression of your brand’s identity on Instagram, use our industry know-how to gain followers, and direct your Instagram visits to your website.



Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing app where users can search for and get to know their favourite people and brands. Businesses use the platform to showcase their products and services in a richly visual context.

Without a strong and strategic Instagram presence, businesses risk being ignored, forgotten or overlooked.

Distinctive representation

  • Instagram is available on multiple channels, allowing you to reach consumers at any time and anywhere.

  • Over 60% of Instagram users log in daily, making it easier to create a personal relationship with your returning consumers.

  • 90% of the top 100 brands in the world use Instagram as part of their marketing campaign.

  • 70% of Instagram users are more likely to purchase a product online, than those who do not have an account.

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